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Bull Terriers are thick-set and muscular with a short, dense coat. Acceptable colours are white, any colour other than white, or any colour with white markings.The Bull Terrier's most distinctive feature is its head, described as 'egg shaped' when viewed from the front, almost flat at the top, with a Roman muzzle sloping evenly down to the end of the nose with no stop. The unique triangular eyes are small, dark, and closely set. It walks with a jaunty gait, and is popularly known as the 'gladiator of the canine race'. Bull Terriers are known as friendly and outgoing dogs, even having a "clownish" attitude about them. Their physical strength is matched by their intelligence, and both body and mind need to be kept active. They can be fun and playful. As a breed they are generally placid and will not normally make the first move. They are very affectionate dogs that love human company. Bull Terriers are particularly good with children, and usually have a high pain threshold, which reduces the risk of injury from a defensive bite. Younger dogs, however, may regard children as playmates and because of their strength could cause inadvertent injury. They are protective of children in their charge.

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***If for some reason a puppy or dog from our kennel needs to be rehomed at any point throughout its life, we will do our best to work with the family to find a new home or gladly take the puppy/dog back.  We do not want any puppy/dog that we have produced to enter into a shelter or fall into an abusive cycle elsewhere.

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***It has been brought to my attention that ads have been placed by scammers pretending to be Sly Eyes Bull Terriers.  Request further pictures if interested in our dogs and puppies.  We are happy to provide you with further information, references and pictures/videos.***