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Wanda's Soft Coated Wheatens
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Wanda began breeding Soft Coated Wheatens in the mid 1980's. Thru the years she has produced puppies that excelled in the show ring, brought great pride to their owners and so much love to families all across the US!!
She prided herself in producing healthy, happy puppies that blended in with their new families with uncontrollable affection!
But sadly, all GREAT things do come to an end. After the loss of her husband of 56 years, Wanda has decided to retire. The remaining female Wheatens have been rehomed to another lover of the Wheaten breed, Beverly Brown.
Ol Lucky turns 14 this year and will forever be with our family until his journey meets the Rainbow bridge.
We cannot express our heart felt gratitude to all the families who adopted our puppies and ultimately became members of our own family too! With much love, Thank you!





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