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Puppy Dogs By Design is a small family owned kennel located in east central Oklahoma.  What started as a mother~daughter hobby in 1987, has grown into a passion and obsession for our canine friends.  Throughout the years, we have spent endless hours researching and selecting the perfect dogs to build our kennel.  Of course, health and temperament are of the highest priority to us, not to leave out conformation and beauty.  We both specialize within the breeds we have chosen to fit our personalities and families.  Shannon has focused on Bull Terriers, Sly Eyes Bull Terriers, while Wanda enjoys the lovely Soft Coated Wheaten breed.  A structured breeding program has been established to fine tune each breed to conform to the breed standard.  Puppies from our kennel have been placing in the show ring for several years, so in 2007 we ventured into the show ring as well.  The puppies listed on this site come from a family deeply dedicated to producing high quality, healthy, well-adjusted companion pets that are waiting to become a part of a loving family. We are also very active in the community, a leader of McIntosh County 4-H Dog Club, helping to improve Responsible Dog OwnershipWe occasionally have adults also available to forever homes.  Many of the puppies listed come from champion bloodlines and all are bred for their exceptional qualities and wonderful temperaments.




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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole!